Smoother bleach blends with every foil pull!

These fluffy textured gloves glide along processed hair removing bleach delicately without causing the friction that a traditional coloring glove would cause.

No more chemical burns

Saves time

One size fits all

Machine washable

Blend it Baby!

Made in collaboration with
@the_blondologist & @danilo.bozic, Framar's Bleach Blender glove helps blend lines of demarcation without damaging fragile hair, making your foil pulls buttery smooth!

2 Pack

Protect Hands

Microfibre Texture

Avoid Mess

No More Towels

Machine Washable

Bleach Proof

One Size Fits All

How to Use:


Pull foils after hair is processed.


Hold glove close to scalp and gently hold the hair while pulling down.


Blend up and down and watch to see the lines of demarcation blend like magic.


Reveal seamless blends and gorgeous results!