We have one central belief at Framar, it’s that family is everything. If you’ve stopped by to shop or just learn a little about us, you’re part of the family now too. Those are the rules.

Frank and Maria in the 80’s as newlyweds

Frank + Maria = Framar

Our business dates back to 1978, where Frank did Maria’s hair in his small eight-chair salon. Not only did Maria get a fresh cut and funky 70’s style, but she also met her future partner in crime. That chance meeting has blossomed into a solid foundation that is at the forefront of Framar, and has propelled a little start-up from Niagara Falls, Canada, to a global business serving passionate stylists in more than 100 countries around the world.

Maria at Frank’s first salon back in 1984

Mama Maria

First we’d like you to meet our mama, Maria. Maria is the founder, visionary, and straight up badass who created Framar out of the back of her husband Frank’s salon in 1985. Maria had one goal in the beginning, to teach stylists about the future of hair coloring - foils. Four sons and 35 years later, Maria is the foundation of Framar and she sees every stylist we meet as another part of her family.

The Framar Boys at Long Beach ISSE 2018

The Boys are Back in Town

With Maria still at the helm, her son’s Giovanni, Francesco, and Roberto are the driving force behind bringing Framar to stylists worldwide. The next generation of Framar is obsessed with social media and the strong connections made with every interaction. Stylists are superstars and being linked to them in this way allows our team to create products they can be proud to use behind their chair.

The Framar Team with @biancacolour and other stylists at Long Beach ISSE 2019

The Extended Family

You! You are our extended family! No matter how big we grow, we have this amazing global network of people who love hair as much as we do. Stylists are remarkable artists who make the world beautiful and we are lucky to partner with them in creating the products they want and need. The future of Framar will be defined by where colorists push the boundaries of their craft, and we will be there to make the tools that help them innovate and play.

Our highlights

Love at first trim

Frank and Maria met while he was styling her hair at a salon in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. They tied the knot 3 years later.

A foil is born!

After cutting foils everyday for her stylist husband, Frank, Maria decides to create a foil product specifically for coloring hair.

The only kids on the block

Framar, known as Foil It at the time, becomes the first company to sell hair foil in Canada and introduced the concept to the market. 

Changes the hair coloring game by selling foil in roll form to allow stylists to choose their own length.

Maria lands her first distributing partner, Venus Beauty Supplies.

Movin’ on up!

Framar moves into their first warehouse down the street from the family home in Niagara Falls, Canada, where they began in-house manufacturing.

New Year, New Framar.

Entire company is rebranded in 2012, from packaging to products, web presence and trade shows.

Cosmoprof Canada brings Framar into 110 stores across the country.

Do it for the ‘gram!

FoilIt is renamed Framar, an amalgamation of the names Frank and Maria.

That same year @framar posted to Instagram for the very first time as a brand not knowing how big it would become.

The way colorists apply hair color would be forever changed with the launch of our AccuSoft bristle color brush.

Don’t Stop Us Now!

You know what they say, third warehouse is the charm. 😉

Guy Tang holds a meet and greet at the Framar booth at the Long Beach Hair Show putting the biggest spotlight on the brand to date.

Framar expands even further into Europe with their first international distributor, Baldacci of Sweden.

Keeping it one hundred!

Framar products can be found at every CosmoProf and Armstrong McCall across the United States.

Framar launched our 100th product, the Power Painter. Each brush is printed with Initus 31081, paying homage to the founders Frank & Maria.

Grazie mille!

Our products are sold for the first time in Russia. That same year Framar products were finally on shelves in Italy, a meaningful milestone for Frank and Maria and their strong familial ties to Italy. 

Our Ethereal foil becomes the first ombre patterned foil ever created. 

In October, we hit our sought after goal of 500,000 followers on Instagram.

2019 - 2021

Framar's footprint grows again in the US with Salon Centric/State RDA.

#framar reaches 1 million posts on Instagram.

Framar is sold in over 70 countries worldwide.

Word on the Street

Larisa Love
Lihn Phan
Jamie Dana
Cynthia Lumzy
Alfredo Lewis
Jacob Khan
Bianca Hillier
Lisa Walker

I am obsessed with Framar products! I love their foils because of the embossed texture, and the color brushes allow the blend to happen without even trying. Framar tools make my life so much easier to beautify my clients everyday.

Framar products help me turn my creative ideas into colors that my clients LOVE! When I came up with the concept for the Emperor brush, the boys at Framar helped turn my vision into reality.

I have always said, if I had to pick one tool to use for the rest of my life, it would be Framar's color brushes! I literally only use Framar tools and products in the salon, I can't go back to anything else! Your tools are SO important as a hairstylist and that's why I only use the best!

From the moment I was introduced to the brand I’ve used nothing else. My absolute favorite are the BRUSHES I get the perfect blend and saturation with minimal effort on every one of my wig transformations. 
Framar tools are LIFE!!!!!!!

 Framar is my go to for the tools that I need to create. Skill and knowledge are key but having the right tools, brushes, foil etc to bring it to life is essential. Framar works closely with artists and delivers just that.

At my salon we use all Framar products and color tools simply because we believe that they give us the best results and the easiest path to that end result. Any problem we run into, Framar seems to have an answer for us.

I LOVE Framar because they are consistent and constantly allowing me to improve my craft. They tend to all of my needs and strive to create anything and everything. They provide such an intimate approach with all artists and their innovative products are setting a new standard among the elite

I love Framar because they are constantly innovating and creating tools to help stylists work not only quicker but more effectively. I love that the Framar family stays so closely connected to the stylists working behind the chair every day.

Wow! You made it! You know, not a lot of people make it this far. You’re still here? What are ya hangin’ around for?
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