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Dreamweaver Comb - Pastel
Sticker Sheet - Halloween
Dreamweaver Comb - Black
Witches Be Crazy - Pop Up

Word on the street...


Lisa Walker


I love Framar because they are constantly innovating and creating tools to help stylists work not only quicker but more effectively. I love that the Framar family stays so closely connected to the stylists working behind the chair every day.


Jacob Khan


At my salon we use all Framar products and color tools simply because we believe that they give us the best results and the easiest path to that end result. Any problem we run into, Framar seems to have an answer for us.


Jamie Dana


I have always said, if I had to pick one tool to use for the rest of my life, it would be Framar's color brushes! I literally only use Framar tools and products in the salon, I can't go back to anything else! Your tools are SO important as a hairstylist and that's why I only use the best!


Larisa Love


I am obsessed with Framar products! I love their foils because of the embossed texture, and the color brushes allow the blend to happen without even trying. Framar tools make my life so much easier to beautify my clients everyday.


Cynthia Lumzy


From the moment I was introduced to the brand I’ve used nothing else. My absolute favorite are the BRUSHES I get the perfect blend and saturation with minimal effort on every one of my wig transformations. 
Framar tools are LIFE!!!!!!!


Bianca Hillier


I LOVE Framar because they are consistent and constantly allowing me to improve my craft. They tend to all of my needs and strive to create anything and everything. They provide such an intimate approach with all artists and their innovative products are setting a new standard among the elite


Lihn Phan


Framar products help me turn my creative ideas into colors that my clients LOVE! When I came up with the concept for the Emperor brush, the boys at Framar helped turn my vision into reality.


Philip Foresto


You’re only as good as your tools and FRAMAR is the best! Framar tools have helped me bring so many creative ideas to life. I couldn’t do what I do without them!


Alfredo Lewis


Framar is my go to for the tools that I need to create. Skill and knowledge are key but having the right tools, brushes, foil etc to bring it to life is essential. Framar works closely with artists and delivers just that.

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