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1985: A Foil Revelation

Co-Founder Frank Gallo ventures to England for a cutting/colouring program. While training, he comes across a new technique using foil to color hair. Recognizing this as the future of highlights, he returns home and begins implementing this new system into his salon with impressive results, replacing caps.

1986: Framar Enterprises is born

Maria & Frank (co-owners) begin low key, visiting many salons in Southern Ontario, educating and informing salons of the benefits of using foil.

1987: The 5lb Roll

Innovation is key. After selling pre-cut sheets for a little over a year, the duo decided to introduce the 5lb roll, and along with it, the first dispenser which can still be found in salons today. Distributors start coming on board, realizing the potential of highlighting foil.

1991-94: Diversity is a good thing

The first trade show. Framar exhibited at the Toronto ABA to showcase, demonstrate and instruct stylists on the benefits and techniques of using foil.

Looking to give a broader range of foil to their clients, Framar introduced colored roll foil. 1lb rolls were brought in as well to satisfy the needs of the color tech with minimal working space.

2001: The Big Move

Space became limited as production and customer base grew. Framar moves into a 3000sq.ft facility and becomes incorporated. A new facility brings on a new name ‘Framar International’ and the company begins to sell its product line across North America.

2002-06: Made in Canada

Foil production is brought in-house to reduce costs for customers. All Extreme Soft pre-cut sheets to this day, are made proudly in Canada! We developed an innovative system to inter-weave foil with tissue, cut it to any size to meet any and all customer needs, shrink wrap, package and distribute, all done on-location.

2008: The Big Move.... Part 2

An ever increasing product line, coupled with a growing customer base shifted Framar International into an even bigger warehouse. With new innovative products being introduce every year, space was a priority to meet demand.

2011: Time for a change

After 25 years in the foil industry, we decided to re-invent our entire brand from top to bottom. Self dispensing boxes, creative funky names, unique products and show stopping packaging, all have become our forefront.

Our mission was to make your typical foil and accessories, fun!

2015: The Bigger Move.... Part 3

We ramped up production and expanded our line even further. With distribution growing, and the demand for our innovative tools increasing, we decided that it was time yet again to move. Our new home is something we dreamed about way back in 1985...just wait and see what we're thinking about
for the next 30 years ;)

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