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When you buy Framar products you aren’t just investing in your craft, you’re getting the family.

Framar Enterprises is Born

Made in China

The Big Move... Part 2

The Bigger Move... Part 3

1985: A Foil Revolution

1985: A Foil Revolution

FRAMAR™ started out as a love story when Frank was doing Maria’s (FRA-MAR) hair and soon became a couple. After getting hitched and having their first child, Frank went to England to take a hair coloring class; that’s where he discovered the use of foil in the hair industry. He knew this was something he wanted to implement into his salons, eliminating cap and needles. After a little digging, and a lot of testing, Frank and Maria cofounded Framar Enterprises™ in 1986.

1987: The 5lb Roll

1987: The 5lb Roll

The duo started production by selling pre-cut sheets as their first product out of their home in Niagara Falls, and to salons close by. As production started growing, so did their family as Maria not only gave birth to her 2nd child but also the 5lb silver roll with the elegant Foil It Dispenser, which are both still sold today!

1991-94: Diversity is a Good Thing

1991-94: Diversity is a Good Thing

Flash forward 4 years and another child later, 1991 brought Framar to their first trade show where they exhibited at Toronto ABA to showcase, demonstrate and instruct stylists on the techniques and benefits of using foil in highlighting. This exposure created stylist demand to see a larger line of products for use in their salons, so the duo introduced colored rolls and small 1lb rolls.

2001: The Big Move

2001: The Big Move

Into the new millenium in 2001, and you guessed it, another child for Frank & Maria, Framar made big moves to accommodate their rapid growth in sales and continued to outgrow their office and warehouse spaces. These changes also brought in their first re-brand and in-house production facility. What had started in the basement of a house, was now a full fledged foil manufacturing hub. This foil made on premise, can still be found in the company’s arsenal of high-end products today under the Extreme Soft brand!

2011: Time for a Change

2011: Time for a Change

The 2nd major re-brand came in 2011. A complete overhaul that brought Framar into the future. Learning from stylists and catering to what they liked and disliked proved to be key in creating a brand that was not only high-end but extremely fun to use! Colorful circles were created as the new Framar logo, that emulated the company’s background; colorful rolls of foil.

2018: Now we’re Here

2018: Now we’re Here

To date, Framar continues to grow as a family and business introducing... you guessed it, another child, but this time a grandchild for Frank & Maria! All while also launching sales internationally in over 40 countries and growing! Framar now makes over 100 products including foil, dispensers, accessories, gloves, furniture, brushes, and more! Branded as a company that caters to the people, Framar's main inspiration is to make products for the salon professional that promotes excitement in a stylist's day to day life!

Loved By

Lisa Walker


I love Framar because they are constantly innovative, constantly creating tools to help stylists work not only quicker but more effectively. I also love that the Framar family stays so closely connected to the stylists working behind the chair every day.

Linh Phan


Framar products help me turn my creative ideas into colors that my clients LOVE!

Larisa Love


I am obsessed with Framar products! I love their foils because of the embossed texture, and the color brushes allow the blend to happen without even trying. Framar tools make my life so much easier to beautify my clients everyday.

Jacob Kahn


At my salon we use all Framar products and color tools simply because we believe that they give us the best results and the easiest path to that end result. The sheer amount of tint brush options as well as foil texture weight and size options makes every color service easier for us. Any problem we run into, Framar seems to have an answer for us.

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